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About Me

My name is Nicholas Thane Haroldsen. I am self-driven and self-reliant, while at the same time, highly competitive. I seek and find solutions to challenges. It is important for me to be quick and precise with response to opportunities and problems. I am a critical thinker with strong analytical skills; I use the creative process to translate real world business problems into aesthetically pleasing, visibly trackable, and financially tangible results.


I hope to continue forward on the road of discovery. I love challenges that both creative design and web development bring. Creativity is discovering greater potential. Expansion thinking is what drives creativity. There is great power in being creative that gets me excited to continue to do and learn more.


My family is essential to my life. I am the father of five beautiful children (four boys and a girl). They, along with my wonderful wife, drive me to better myself each and every day.

While not coding or designing interfaces, I get some R&R through exercise. I love to go running, skiing, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities to free the mind. I find that I get many of my inspirations when I am not sitting around.

Sweet skills

Specialized skills including: user Interface, flash, interactive, web development, ux design, as3, and jQuery

Nick Haroldsen

I am a creator. A dreamer. A problem-solver. A discoverer of potential. It is my philosophy to never let technology limit creativity. If you can dream it, it can be created. Nothing is impossible.