2008 Designs of the Year

Designing in the Trenches

During the year since April, 2008, we had mini competitions each month between the designers; this competition became know as “Designing in the Trenches.” For each competition there was a print and a web category and were judged within our own group. The competitions were a great way to put forth our best work, better ourselves, and better the company.

The underlying purpose of these competitions is three-fold:

  • To appreciate, motivate and encourage excellence in design.
  • To create an atmosphere of continuous improvement in order to deliver a superior product to customers.
  • To inspire confidence and develop strong working relationships with our customers in which we can enhance their branding, culture and create a spirit of excellence.

At the end of the year the designers voted on favorites from previous competitions throughout the year. Five finalists from a print category and five finalists from a web category were submitted. The finalist works went to outside groups within and and outside the company; they consisted of selected managers, sales offices, other non-designer groups, and outside design consultants. The results were kept quite secret until the final reveal.

And the 2008 Design Winners Are…

On Friday, February 13, we had a luncheon at O.C. Tanner to discover the winners for the design competition of the year. Many of the top leaders of the company attended. I hadn’t realized this event was going to be such an important event. Never before had O.C. Tanner done something like this for the designer group. Many leaders spoke to us expressing their appreciation for design and the effective role it plays in the sales field. “Design is truly what differentiates O.C. Tanner from the competition,” they said.

Mike Overton, a designer with O.C. Tanner for 15 years, won the design for print category. He always does great work and it came as no surprise to myself. The surprising thing came when they reveald the winner of the web category. The competition was tight and the results could have gone in any direction; all designs were top notch. When they called my name I was so in shock I didn’t really know what to think. I floated up to the front to receive my trophy and graciously thanked everyone as quickly as I could. To be quite honest I was a little embarrassed to have won such a great award. With very little words I went back to my seat. Perhaps next time I will know better to try and think of a few words to say in such a situation.

Millward Brown recognition portal

O.C. Tanner Web Design of the Year 2008

The web design of the year was for an advertising agency based in the Mid-West, Millward Brown. I took their current branding and applied it to a recognition gateway built entirely in Flash. It helps to have a strongly branded company going into design concept. I did find it a little nerving designing for a company that knows and understands design. I was pleased to hear that the design was well received not only by my peers and other judges, but also by those whom it was intended for.

Along with the beautiful personalized crystal trophy they gave us both a Platinum-level award to choose an additional gift from a variety of great products. I chose the iPod Touch (32 GB). I have a difficult time putting it down.

A Few Words of Thanks

I wish to send out my appreciation to O.C. Tanner for everything they do for me. I would also like to thank all the designers for helping me push myself to exceed. It is great to work with such talent around me. There is great synergy that comes with such surroundings. I hope this momentum for the Designer Group at O.C. Tanner will continually pick up speed into this year and into the future. Thank you all again.

  • Kathryn

    Congratulations!!! You sure do deserve this great accomplishment.