Three-Peat Win For Web Design of the Year 2010

Schofield and Haroldsen 2010 Web Design of Year Winners

Todd Schofield and Nick Haroldsen--2010 Web Design of Year

O.C. Tanner has awarded the Design of the Year Award to me for the third straight year. Our designs have been getting better as our O.C. Tanner designers have stepped up to the competition. For the 2010 year, there has been more collaboration and synergy as we have been able to bounce ideas off each other and work closer together.

Todd Schofield was the key designer on the project who I owe a great deal of gratitude toward for coming up with such a stellar award-winning design. It was his design I used to develop an engaging Flash page. The client was for the resort agency, Interval International who loved the design.

Interval International 2010 Web Design of Year

Web Portal for Interval International

The added animation with user interaction helps to engage the user to seek different portions of the site. All animation was done dynamically using a combination of XML and Actionscript utilizing TweenMax for the transitions. It was a good collaborative effort between Todd and myself that earned this great award recognition. The award came with a  cool  crystal trophy as well as a certificate to choose from an assortment of cool things such as an iPod Touch and a Dyson vacuum (the two items I chose the previous two years). Check out last year’s winning and the one prior to see what I have done previously.

Thank you to all the other designers at Tanner that have kept us all moving forward, pushing our creativity to higher levels.