Web Design of the Year 2009

Mike Overton and Nick Haroldsen

O.C. Tanner had its annual Designing in the Trenches year-end competition a little while back. The winner for the Print category for the Design of the Year was Dave Clark for some Amtrak collateral pieces.

The competition was tough for the Non-Print/Web category. Some designers had multiple pieces submitted, while I only had one design that was as finalist. When they called the winner they announced the designer with the piece that was designed. When the piece was unveiled, I knew right away they made a mistake. Somehow they announced the right designer but wrong developer. Mike Overton was the designer, who had submitted another piece with Chase Maxfield, another Flash Developer, but that was not the piece that was unveiled. The winning design was for Roche, the one I did the development on with Mike as the Designer.
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