Designing Jack-o-Lanterns

It has been five years since we had our pumpkin carving extravaganza at work. I was looking at some old pictures from that day back in October of 2006 and remembered the fun Dom Albrecht and I had creating an awesome jack-o-lantern. Here is looking back on that event.

Step 1: The Design

This was the first time I had ever gone into such depth for designing a pumpkin. I went through the full design-process of conceptualization to production in order to come up with a great creation. Once I had determined what I wanted to create, I rounded up some images into Photoshop in order to fully understand where the design was going to take me. I didn’t spend too much on the rough, but it did help to get a good idea how to execute the final design.

Step 2: Materials

Once I had an idea solidified, it was easy for me to determine what materials I needed to round up to build the pumpkin. I knew I wanted carrots for the hair and a radish for the nose, Dom said he was going to provide the molded teeth, but I was quite certain on some of the finer details until I experimented what was going to work or not. I ended up using partially peeled radishes for the eyes. As it turned out, they were prefect for the job.


Quite a bit of time was spent on the mouth to make it look just right. The teeth molds that Dom brought in were highly realistic and help give it more life. As I recall, I believe they were molds of his own teeth.

Dom Albrecht deserves much of the props for bringing my concepts to fruition. His air-brushing skills were phenomenal. He had great expertise in face-makeup and is currently a tattoo artist. He brought the realism to the design. We both spend a great deal of time finalizing the details. We added KY-jelly to the mouth to give it more life. In all we had great fun coming up with a memorable jack-o-lantern that gained quite a bit of response from our co-workers.