Designing in the Trenches Web Design Winners

Recently we had the quarterly “Designing in the Trenches” competition at O.C. Tanner. The competition was as always tough as we have many great designers at Tanner’s. Through a joint effort with Mike Overton as the key designer and myself as the Flash Animator, we pulled off a win in the non-print category of the competition.

The Design

The design was for the global pharmaceutical company F. Hoffmann-La Roche (aka Roche). It includes interactive rollover to engage the user with different typography as they explore the various programs within the navigation. It was a solution that wouldn’t have been pulled off as well without the strong typography the rollover effects created.


Design in the Trenches Winner

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All in all, everything came together well as Mike and I collaborated on this project. Thank you all who participated in this quarter’s tough competition. Everyone’s work was outstanding.