Wacom Tablet in Photoshop

May first attempt with the with the Wacom Tablet

I have had a bit of extra time lately to dabble around with the Wacom tablet (6″ x 8″). This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now, and just never had the opportunity to do it. Well, finally one became available at work, so I jumped on the chance to see how good it works. I must say not too shabby for my first time even picking up a Wacom pen.

When I first picked up the pen I quickly realized that painting everything at 100% opacity with the airbrush simply was not going to work. The main benefit behind the Wacom pen is that it senses how hard you press and changes the opacity accordingly, but if you start out will full pressure, it is more difficult to back-off from that pressure and not be able to blend colors together in the desired way. With a little patience and a few extra strokes, good results start to emerge.

Someone paid me a complement when I was accused of scanning in the image and manipulating it that way. They said that they have used the Wacom Tablet before and have never been able to get it to look that good. It does help to have a background in art. I do admit that I did borrow the image from an Addias Ad, but for reference only. It allowed me to get proper proportions and such.

Once I was able to transfer the proportions accurately, I went in and added the details with the brush. I enjoyed experimenting with different textures in the cloth and grass. The grass was fun as it came to life creating it with an almost scratch-board technique. With the benefit of Photoshop’s different blending modes on the airbrush (Vivid Light in particular) I was able to easily pull the light out of the grass and add the convincing highlights. More experimentation helped me discover how to push the shadows deeper, carving the shapes to life.

The skin-tones and texture I found to be a bit of a challenge, but hey it was my first time using the tablet; give me a bit of a break. If I had even more time I could push the picture a little, further, but I think I am satisfied with my first attempt at this exercise.

  • Kathryn

    What a great picture. Nice Job!!!