Stop an Animation/Video From Playing When Hiding the Object

By default in HTML, if a Flash object is hidden, the DOM will not play nor load the animation. However, what happens if you have some tabs that hide the animation or video? This was an issue I ran into when building my portfolio. After doing some digging I found a solid solution that worked well for stopping the animation or video. Continue reading…

Designing Jack-o-Lanterns

It has been five years since we had our pumpkin carving extravaganza at work. I was looking at some old pictures from that day back in October of 2006 and remembered the fun Dom Albrecht and I had creating an awesome jack-o-lantern. Here is looking back on that event.

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Four Key Steps to Better Design

Photo by Nick Haroldsen

We have all run into that project where the design gets so rushed that important steps to establish a great design get forgotten. Many clients undervalue the amount of necessary research it takes before the pencil even hits the sketchpad. The better we are with research, listening, and communicating, the better our designs will be; ultimately, giving more value to our work. Continue reading…

Three-Peat Win For Web Design of the Year 2010

Schofield and Haroldsen 2010 Web Design of Year Winners

Todd Schofield and Nick Haroldsen--2010 Web Design of Year

O.C. Tanner has awarded the Design of the Year Award to me for the third straight year. Our designs have been getting better as our O.C. Tanner designers have stepped up to the competition. For the 2010 year, there has been more collaboration and synergy as we have been able to bounce ideas off each other and work closer together. Continue reading…

Five Ways to Stimulate a Developer’s Mind

We are all in constant need of self improvement. We search for ways to better our mind, body, and spirit. There are many ways to stimulate our minds. We all are familiar with GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out). Like our programs, what we choose to put into our minds and body will affect our outcome. Here are five things that I have found helpful in improving mind stimulation: Continue reading…

Converting to WordPress

I have decided to convert my blog to WordPress. My site is due for a revamp in the design, so I thought I would try this option out to see how well it handles the content management. It may be a bit before I get a design put together, but I will get it out as soon as I can.

Web Design of the Year 2009

Mike Overton and Nick Haroldsen

O.C. Tanner had its annual Designing in the Trenches year-end competition a little while back. The winner for the Print category for the Design of the Year was Dave Clark for some Amtrak collateral pieces.

The competition was tough for the Non-Print/Web category. Some designers had multiple pieces submitted, while I only had one design that was as finalist. When they called the winner they announced the designer with the piece that was designed. When the piece was unveiled, I knew right away they made a mistake. Somehow they announced the right designer but wrong developer. Mike Overton was the designer, who had submitted another piece with Chase Maxfield, another Flash Developer, but that was not the piece that was unveiled. The winning design was for Roche, the one I did the development on with Mike as the Designer.
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Designing in the Trenches Web Design Winners

Recently we had the quarterly “Designing in the Trenches” competition at O.C. Tanner. The competition was as always tough as we have many great designers at Tanner’s. Through a joint effort with Mike Overton as the key designer and myself as the Flash Animator, we pulled off a win in the non-print category of the competition. Continue reading…

eLance Work

I have been attempting to get a little freelance work via eLance. I am not yet convinced that it is worth my time it takes to bid for jobs that I most likely will get outbid by. There are too many people out there worldwide that are willing to work for pennies that I simply cannot beat their low bids. I understand that people want inexpensive work, but at what cost are they agreeing to have work done for them that is shoddy with no guarantee of quality delivery? I cannot work for so little people out there are bidding on. It is why the reported overall revenue generated through eLance is lower than one would think. I think I will stick to bettering my portfolio and going after real prospects for my contract work.

2008 Designs of the Year

Designing in the Trenches

During the year since April, 2008, we had mini competitions each month between the designers; this competition became know as “Designing in the Trenches.” For each competition there was a print and a web category and were judged within our own group. The competitions were a great way to put forth our best work, better ourselves, and better the company. Continue reading…