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Web Design & Dev

  • Salt Lake City Sister Cities Website

    Salt Lake City Sister Cities Website

    Cultural events site developed for Salt Lake City. The site was developed utilizing the power of the WordPress and a few creative jQuery workarounds. Visit Site

    Design: Kim Louie

    Development: Nick Haroldsen

    Medium: WordPress

    Salt Lake City

I follow current web standards to develop a site that aligns with your company’s values, culture, & business goals. I specialize in WordPress, a robust content manager, that give my clients control of the content. Your business is unique and has different needs than any other; therefore, I do not simply regurgitate a template, but instead discover what works best for your business. Your site will also be Search Engine Optimized (SEO), to help drive the traffic your site deserves.

I obsess over the details. Pure communication is reliant on correct detail. If something is misaligned or isn’t working properly in a browser, that communication is disrupted; I don’t rest until it is made right.

Interactive Design

  • Dow: Go Solutionists

    Dow: Go Solutionists

    Dow is a company who believes that connecting chemistry and innovation can generate new ways to solve global challenges. This approach uses user interactivity to instruct the user about different aspects of their recognition program.

    Design: Jill Bustamante

    Development: Nick Haroldsen

    Medium: Flash


Engulf the user into your site with purposeful user interaction. Effective interactive design often goes unnoticed because of the natural and simplistic flow it brings. In contract, poorly developed interaction or animations will disrupt and make the experience quite clunky.

I offer engaging animation through both Flash development as well as through responsive and the latest techniques of HTML5, CSS3 transitions, and JavaScript.

User Experience Design

  • OC Tanner: Think 2013

    OC Tanner: Think 2013

    Special event for O.C. Tanner invited guests only. This unique site was developed using responsive techniques so that the content will reflow and/or resize depending upon the user’s window/device size. It has been optimized for viewing on all major browsers as well as on iPad and iPhone. Navigation contains a scroll-wheel (desktop only) feature to jump between content that utilizes CSS3 transitions. Many of the features were implemented using a combination of custom jQuery and CSS techniques. Visit Site

    Design: Jill Bustamante/TJ Carver

    Writing: Brittany Austin

    Development: Nick Haroldsen

    Medium: HTML5/CSS3/jQuery

    OC Tanner

Successful websites rely on the user’s experience. A positive experience on the web is driven by strategic methods that integrate the business needs and goals with what the user expects to see and experience. If those two do not align, the goals of neither will be met.

I facilitate ways to bridge the gap between intention (business goals) and action (execution). Solid design stems from having a solid strategy, understanding the needs of both sides, and bringing abstract ideas into a solid and relatable form. It is what connects the user to the business.